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he looks like a cool drink of water but he's candy coated misery.

he's the devil of disguise, he's a snake with blue eyes.

1 September 1989
20. German. US-Resident for one year -> AuPair. Student. Small girl. Freak-ish. Bookworm. Became SciFi-Fan in 2008. Loves her friends more than anything else. Loves her cats. Loves to make fanart. Writes fanfiction from time to time. Coding is her life. Doesn't want to be the cute little girl anymore. Met Kate Hewlett, Andee Frizzell, Matthew Bennett and Tony Amendola personally. Can't live without music. Sings in her car. Rants when she's driving. Has Dimples. Loves Bollywood. Got the cutest hostkids ever. Loves Kathy Reichs and Karin Slaughter. B.G.I. - It's like being drunk, just healthier.

tv shows. Stargate SG-1. Stargate Atlantis. Sanctuary. Warehouse 13. Battlestar Galactica. Farscape. Cold Case. MacGyver. Fringe. CSI. CSI: New York. NCIS Los Angeles. V. Criminal Minds. Flash Forward. Stargate Universe. Bones. Doctor Who. Burn Notice.
cuties. Michael Shanks. Robin Dunne. Eric Szmanda. Joe Flanigan. David Hewlett. Paul McGillion. Matthew Bennett. Ben Browder. Chris Judge. Jamie Bamber.
girl crushes. Amanda Tapping. Amrita Rao. Kate Hewlett. Andee Frizzell. Emilie Ullerup. Claudia Black. Carrie Underwood. Anna Belknap. Madhuri Dixit. Konkona Sen Sharma.
music. Movie soundtracks. Musical soundtracks. Bollywood. Carrie Underwood. Pussycat Dolls. John Mayer. Kate Hewlett. Idina Menzel. Kelly Clarkson. Rebecca Lavelle. Sarah McLachlan. Martina McBride. Dayplayer.
arts. icons. animations. banner. signatures. wallpaper. fanfictions.